3D Cat T-Shirts UK

One of the newest styles in cat clothes is the revolutionary “3D Cat T-Shirts” worn by the world-famous British blue cat. The cats are part of a clothing line launched last year by London-based fashion designer John Lewis. The shirts are made from a heavy-duty cotton/spandex blend and feature the latest in technology.

3D Cat T Shirts

These shirts are designed to create an illusion of movement when the wearer moves. This is because the t-shirt has two separate panels that run down the torso, allowing for the animal to move in any direction.

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The shirts can be used by the owner for a variety of purposes. Owners can make a statement with these unique fashions. A cat with a shirt that says “My Pet is Here” could become a familiar symbol as a welcome guest at family gatherings or even held up as a fashion symbol on the arms of friends and loved ones.

The animal is a symbol of revolution and free-thinking that is popular in Britain where the English celebrate their history with a fervor that sometimes borders on ridiculousness.

Some animal rights activists have criticized the shirts as a way for animal cruelty to be perpetrated again. But pet shelters have welcomed them as a wonderful way to promote awareness for issues that affect cats in particular. The “My Pet is Here” t-shirts come in many styles and colors and can be personalized with any name or message desired cat t-shirts. Owners can order the custom t-shirts online using credit cards or PayPal and then have them shipped directly to their door with little effort. They can even pick the shirt up at any local apparel store in the UK.

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