Fashion Aging Mistakes

Many of us make fashion aging mistakes. Bad clothing choices can bring our entire look down. Channel Nine stylist Alex Wilson revealed simple, common wardrobe mistakes that can age you. For instance, baggy clothing does not flatter a woman’s frame. Instead, focus on structured garments and avoid wearing underwear. This will make you look older. Also, keep in mind that clothes are not the only thing that will affect your appearance. So, think carefully before you buy and wear a new pair of jeans.

Fashion Aging Mistakes

Keeping your body in mind when choosing your clothes is vital. Try to avoid wearing too much skin. Don’t wear skirts that go past your knee or even midi-skirts. Always cover your bottom half when wearing pants. If you don’t like your shape, wear pants or a midi skirt. For example, you shouldn’t show too much leg. In addition, it’s not necessary to buy a new pair of shoes if you’re in the mood to try something new.

Avoid showing too much skin. Women over 40 shouldn’t wear a mini-skirt three inches above their knees It’s better to wear a midi skirt if you’re still comfortable with your current style. And never wear short, tight pants.

These will only emphasize your wrinkles. You’ll also want to stay away from too many trends. Don’t wear your mother’s clothes, either. Those days, chunky heels and short silk scarves were not trendy. They’re not even considered fashion trends today.

Avoid showing too much skin. Women over 40 should wear skirts or midi-skirts at the knee or a hemline. Those who can still wear short skirts should wear a mini-skirt with a slit at the back. If they can’t wear a mini-skirt, then they should wear pants that cover up their bottom half. You’ll look like a slob!

Wearing old-style pants will make you look older. Choose trousers that cover your legs, and avoid wearing jeans. If you’re not confident with your figure, you shouldn’t wear pants with wide legs. A midi skirt will make you look younger. It will be too short and make you look unflattering. If you want to look younger, wear clothes that flatter your body type. However, you should avoid revealing too much skin.

The wrong choice of pants can age you. A wide-leg Capri pant is a classic look that will age you over time. If you’re not confident in your body, choose pants with a slimmer leg. If you don’t feel comfortable in your pants, you can always try a pair with a contrasting color. If you’re not confident in your jeans, wear a different color. This will make you look older.

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