Maserati Watches For Men in 2021

Maserati watches Malta is a part of the Maserati luxury group. The two stars signifying the highest performance, are placed on the face of each of the watches. These two Maserati watches have a rich history that began when the first model was launched in Milano in 1937. Since then Maserati has used many of the islands for model development and the production of new models. With the changing times, the manufacturing base shifted to Malta, which has served Maserati well and continues to do so.

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Maserati watches Malta continues to gain more popularity among its many enthusiasts who value prestige, style, and performance mvmt watches. There is a wide choice of Maserati watches available to suit different tastes and preferences. Some of the most notable models are the GranTurismo S model, GranTurismo MC, Grandcabrio MC, and the flagship Grandcabrio 900, which feature a sporty, masculine design.

Maserati Watches For Men

While most of these watches are waterproof, it is not the case with all models. Some models have water resistant up to thirty minutes under water. Maserati recommends users to keep them out of direct sunlight as well as extreme cold conditions. The stainless steel cases of most watches are coated with special anti-corrosion treatments. Scratch resistant mineral crystals are also used in the construction process and are protected by several layers of sealing compounds.

The Maserati Watches Malta range features a great collection of wristwatches for men. Men’s watches are manufactured keeping in mind the male features. They are stylish and elegant, as the company is aware that men are becoming more conscious about their personal accessories. Watches of these types can be worn for casual events as well as formal ones. There are also sports watches available.

The Maserati GranTurismo Swatch has a sporty model that is built around a dual chronograph dial. This watch is also accompanied by a matte black leather strap that offers a perfect finishing touch. It comes with a silver bezel that offers a sleek finish. A luminous silver hour marker is also featured on the dial.

The stainless steel casings used in making Maserati watches protect the valuable watch casings from damage. These watches are also waterproof, which is important while traveling. Many models in this range come with a two year warranty. All of these watches are backed by Maserati Europe, a division of the Maserati Group.

Apart from the stylish sports watches, Maserati has an interesting range of timepieces for those who like to play around with time. These watches sport a variety of interesting functions such as Stopwatch, Tachometer, and Moonwalk timers. Most of these devices have a sub-dial as well.

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Maserati also manufactures luxury timepieces for men. These are classy and elegant and perfectly fit into any occasion. The Dior model is one such watch. It features a stainless steel case and leather straps. It also features a date function and a 40-meter water resistance.

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