New York Public Adjusters License

To become a public adjuster in the state of New York, you must be at least eighteen years of age. You must also have no criminal history. You must also submit a $1,000 bond to the state and pass a New York state exam. You can’t transfer your license from another state.

You can find your application and required documents within. You will need to take a test given by Prometric, which is a nationally recognized testing company.

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Public Adjusters License

You can earn your public adjuster license by demonstrating your expertise in the field GC Public Adjusters. There are strict rules and regulations to follow, but if you’ve successfully completed these requirements, you should be able to obtain your license.

After you’ve successfully completed your education course, you will need to pass an exam. If you’re employed in the insurance industry, you can waive the education requirement if you’ve been there for a year. You’ll need to submit a signed Statement of Employment.

All applicants must provide fingerprints. All New York residents must complete an electronic fingerprinting application at IdentoGo. Non-residents must submit a fingerprint card and fingerprint fees to the Department.

Detailed instructions for this step are available in the general Fingerprinting for the DFS section. Finally, you need to submit a bond in the amount of $1000 covering the duration of your licensing period. To get started, you’ll need to visit the Department’s website.

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