Pollen and Your Home

A friend of mine has pollen allergies and she lives in a town called Maidenhead in the United Kingdom. I’ve been thinking about getting her to go through Covid Testing near Meadow in South Devon, England, which is known to have a very high level of contamination from the general population.


She told me that she gets it fairly often (once every month or so) and that the effect it has on her is quite severe, particularly when she’s outside in the fields surrounding her home. So I decided to visit the site with my friend the following day hoping to find out more about what they were doing there.

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I visited the site without an expert, as I’d never been to this part of the United Kingdom before and was, therefore, a little apprehensive about things, but I wanted to see first hand what their procedure involves, and whether or not the level of contamination they report was accurate home covid tests. My friend and I were both shown to the room where the samples were stored and were led to a small room where we sat down and awaited the results.

What I noticed straight away was the size of the room: it was big enough for about 30 people to stand around in, yet contained equipment that could easily be expected to run into hundreds if not thousands of airborne particles, depending on the area of the country and what type of pollen you’re looking at. I was presented with a range of results and was really quite surprised at how bad some of them looked.

The highest levels of contamination were from something called ‘CP-values’, and these showed readings of over 2021 for each sample, with the highest being in the area of Maidenhead itself. So although my friend was pretty certain that her allergies were caused by pollen, this was certainly startling information.

When I asked her about her idea that the contamination came from ‘backyard birds’ she said that there were no birds in the immediate area, but that the contamination came from ‘cyclic pollens’ which are ‘aerosols carried on the wind’. So this means that whether you live in Maidenhead or not, you should still watch out for Covid testing near the meadow as the pollution levels can be very high!

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