Skirting Boards Are Us – And Why They Were Made in the First Place

Skirting boards were originally used to aid in the construction of walls within buildings. In fact, the very first walls to be erected in the United States (on a piece of land) were built using these very boards. Skirting boards were constructed with wooden slats that were cut to the proper length and connected to each other.

Skirting Boards Are Us

The actual purpose of these wooden slats wasn’t for any practical or aesthetic reason, but rather, for support. In the event of extreme weather conditions, it was very important that these boards were able to hold and carry weight. As time passed, this became even more important, as more buildings began to be constructed without walls.

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As a result of this development, many older buildings began to become unstable and fell down on occasion. By replacing these unstable buildings with wall-mounted boards, the structural integrity of the entire building was enhanced – which led to them becoming even more durable and resistant to damage and collapse.

Skirting boards are very versatile in the way they can be used. Today, they’re often found combined with vinyl flooring or tiles, and even within laminate wood floors themselves skirting boards. This way, the flooring is not only more aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also serves to protect the floor itself from becoming damaged by heavy footsteps, or worse, being stepped on by bare feet.

In addition to this function, however, boards are also incredibly valuable in the construction of stairs – providing the underbelly for those sharp corners to properly seal against moisture.

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