What Is a Fitness Medicine Center?

A fitness medicine center is a medical center that specializes in addressing the health concerns of patients. The primary goal is to increase the quality of life for individuals suffering from multiple health risks or chronic diseases.

Fitness Medicine Center

In order to do this, the staff at a fitness medicine center strives to deliver the best program possible for its patients. At its main location in Birmingham, Alabama, the Fitness Plus Center welcomes both medical professionals and the public. A fitness medicine center is open to the public and offers programs and services to help improve the well-being of patients with multiple diseases or conditions.

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At a fitness medicine center, the exercise specialists are highly qualified to perform medically-supervised assessments. Using the latest technology, they can measure strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and body composition.

These assessments allow the doctors to determine the level of fitness a person has and tailor an exercise program to meet that level buy spermidine. Additionally, the centers use the latest equipment to ensure that there is no risk of injury. The trained staff at a fitness medicine center is four-year college graduates with extensive knowledge in exercise science and rehabilitation.

The Kirmayer Fitness Center has a re-imagined exercise program called Exercise is Medicine (EIM). The program’s manager, Corie Cutshall, MS, believes that health care providers should prescribe exercise to patients instead of just medication.

The new program is designed to educate patients about the benefits of physical activity, while still promoting the benefits of it for the individual. While it might seem like a new concept, many medical fitness experts believe that it is the future of health care.

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